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Adultiny clothes are made big so that children can grow and imagine themselves into them.
Cut loose, crafted well and made-for-play, these are simple and universal clothes that give free rein to a child’s individuality.

Made in Italy to an exacting standard, shapes are stark but striking, colours are rich and surprising, and materials – such as waffle cotton, fleece and denim – are used together to create a modular wardrobe that grows with a child’s personality. Adultiny clothes are open to interpretation.
That means running as far as the imagination, falling and getting back up again; exploring and feeling everything the world has to offer.

Adultiny is the brainchild of stylist and brand consultant Diletta Bonaiuti. Known internationally for a personal style that is strong but naive, playful but emphatically restrained; Diletta conceptualised Adultiny when shopping for her son Elio. Finding everything to be too cartoonish, ornate or gender-specific, she envisaged a kidswear brand that was based on principals of simplicity and universality.
Her sharp editor’s eye combined with her lived experience of parenthood has resulted in the building blocks for new age of kidswear.